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Health & Wellness Through Chiropractic Care

May 01, 2023 Season 4 Episode 52
Provider Wellness Podcast
Health & Wellness Through Chiropractic Care
Show Notes

In today’s episode, Matthew has a conversation with Dr Amir Rashidian.  He is a Chiropractor and author of 2 books about stress and the stress response.  He owns a busy practice in the state of Maryland.  The episode involves a discussion about chiropractic care, the benefits, both well-known and not well-known, and also the misconceptions that surround the practice.  They discuss how the central nervous system affects all aspects of health and wellness and how chiropractic care can affect this notion.  Dr Rashidian also discusses his books and how the stress response affects a person’s overall health. 

Dr Rashidian's contact information:

AMAZON BOOK: Cracking the Stress Secret
AMAZON BOOK: The StressProof Life

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