Provider Wellness Podcast

A Paramedic's Perspective on PTSD

May 23, 2023 Season 4 Episode 52
Provider Wellness Podcast
A Paramedic's Perspective on PTSD
Show Notes

In this episode, Matthew has a conversation with Andrew Douglas.  He is a retired Firefighter/Paramedic that has taken his experience with job-related PTSD and started a tech company to create an app to offer support and peer assistance to the fire, EMS, and police community.  We discuss common causes of PTSD in stressful professions like healthcare, the different treatment options, different sources of support, and the culture that teaches providers that they should only take care of others and not themselves.  Andrew’s story is one that many individuals can probably relate to.  

Siento inc. is a mental wellness platform co-founded by Andrew Douglas, a former firefighter and paramedic, and Jason Hall, an experienced technology leader. Andrew intimately understands the challenges faced by first responders and high-stress professionals, while Jason brings his expertise in developing innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Siento's mission is to create a stigma-free, safe space for individuals to anonymously share their feelings, connect with others, and access mental health assistance. By leveraging technology and focusing on the unique needs of its target audience, siento inc. aims to enhance mental health support for first responders and other high-stress industries.


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