Provider Wellness Podcast

An Expert Discusses Sleep, Insomnia, and COVID-19

September 07, 2020 Matthew Zinder, CRNA Season 1 Episode 23
Provider Wellness Podcast
An Expert Discusses Sleep, Insomnia, and COVID-19
Show Notes

In this episode, Matthew speaks with Dr. Donn Posner.  He is the founder and president of Sleepwell Consultants, a clinical psychologist, and an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.  As an expert on sleep, sleep physiology, and insomnia, Dr Posner discusses the differences between healthy sleep, acute and chronic insomnia, and strategies to improve both.  He is a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, a therapy that is evidence based and definitive.  Matthew and Dr Posner also discuss COVID-19 and its effects on sleep and sleep hygiene. 

Dr Posner can be contacted through his website:

Further information can be obtained through the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine website:
If you fall within the definition of Chronic Insomnia, there is evidence-based assistance available.  Check the SBSM website for more information and to find a specialist in your area

Tips for Better Sleep:
Have a typical to bed and wake schedule placing special emphasis on maintaining a typical wake time.
Avoid alcohol before bed time or as a sleep aid
Avoid the use of devices before sleep
Decrease lighting in the bedroom to make it a typically dark space
Decrease the temperature of the room to make it a cool environment
Avoid caffeine 3-6 hours before bed time
If awake and having a hard time falling asleep, leave the bedroom and go elsewhere until sleepy enough to go to sleep

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